2019 Von Steuben Day Parade

I joined the 47th Ward Regular Democratic Organization’s marchers in the 2019 Von Steuben Day Parade. I ended up photographing most of the Parade. It’s probably the third time I have photographed this parade. The 2 p.m. sun made for some harsh shadows. But I should not complain about too much light. The photos turned out pretty good.

47th Ward Aldermanic Forum

Last night (4 Dec. 2018) about 250 people came to Lane Tech to hear and see the candidates for 47th Ward Alderman. I was not surprised that so many people came. The aldermanic election has been the talk of the neighbor for six months.

I am impressed with the quality of the candidates. I would have no problem with any of the candidates being elected. I have my favorite of course, Eileen Dordek, she is clearly the best, but more on that later.

What struck me most was how similar the candidates positions were. They all have the same positions on issues. We all want to support our local schools, an elected school board, properly funded pensions, more police to fight crime, property tax reform, a progressive income tax, TIF reform, etc., etc. etc.

What I didn’t hear was any one of them talking about his or her vision about what they want the Ward to be. This may have been due to the format of the event, but they were asked to differentiate themselves the others.

I also didn’t here anyone talk about development. That is the area that the Alderman has almost unfettered discretion and opportunity for good or evil. Somebody ought to have brought it up. It was obvious. Each missed the opportunity to stand out.

But we are only getting started. Your mailboxes will soon be full of stuff from the candidates.

I just love elections.

Here are some photos I took last night.

Robert Murphy Campaign Kickoff

I have been taking some photos for Robert Murphy in recent months. He asked if I could take some more photos at his campaign kickoff event at his house. He lives in that lovely little neighborhood tucked in the Forest Glen neighborhood just behind Foster and Cicero. 

It was something of a challenging shoot, bright sunlight and shadows. I knew I would need to use a flash to fill in the shadows. I haven't really done that before. I watched some YouTube videos on how to do it. I practiced a little and knew how to work the flash. What I didn't know is how strong to make the flash. I set it on 1/16. I could have used it stronger. But for the most part it worked well. It's going to take more practice. 

The photos are nothing special, technically competent and meeting the assignment but nothing inspired. Except for the photo of the sign. I like that one. That one can be used in campaign materials and social media. It's one of my best political photos. 

40th Ward Sustainability Pop-Up Event at Gross Park

Maggie O'Keefe, candidate for 40th Ward Alderman, asked me to shoot an event she was putting on and inviting MWRD candidate Cam Davis to speak. Cam Davis is very impressive. We are lucky to have him as a public servant. And Maggie is always great. Another great citizen working to make our City better.

It was a challenging shoot because the background was in bright sunlight and foreground was in shadows. I took a lot of photos and a lot of test shots. I got a few good ones. I confess I do not catch the name of the dark haired woman in the photos but the photos of her turned out very nice.

I played around with the white balance a little going for different looks. The photo of the woman at the door of the field house just presented itself. So I took it. I hope the composition works. This was definitely a learning experience for me. Next time I will shoot faster shutter speed and try to get a little more crisp look.

I hope you like the photos.