2019 Von Steuben Day Parade

I joined the 47th Ward Regular Democratic Organization’s marchers in the 2019 Von Steuben Day Parade. I ended up photographing most of the Parade. It’s probably the third time I have photographed this parade. The 2 p.m. sun made for some harsh shadows. But I should not complain about too much light. The photos turned out pretty good.

2018 Chicago Air and Water Show

It had been some years since I went to the Chicago Air and Water Show so I went this year. I couldn't spend all day at it. I went from about 12:00 until 3:00. I weaseled my way down front right outside the beach house. 

I got some good shots with my 300mm. The Thunderbirds move fast, one has to be paying attention and anticipate which direction the planes will be coming from. Now that I have a little practice I will be able to get some better shots next year. The low cloud ceiling helped because the planes had to do the "low" show which meant they were much closer. 

Posted some photos to social media after some quick processing in Lightroom Mobile on my phone. They looked okay but I wasn't very happy with them right there on the beach. But when I got back home and did some processing on my computer and big monitor I was surprised to see how i could pull the color out of the RAW images. And the high megapixels camera allows tight crops. To all those people that say, "the camera doesn't matter.," try shooting the Air and Water show with a crappy camera. 

 Hope you like the photos.