Rest in Peace Commander Bauer

Commander Bauer’s senseless murder hit me hard. Middle of the work day at the State of Illinois Building, a place I go often. I didn’t know Comm. Bauer but, by all accounts, he was a fine man and a dedicated public servant. When I learned Commander Bauer was from Nativity, I wanted to go to the wake and funeral. But I couldn’t because I had to go out of town with my wife.

When I was a kid, my uncle was pastor at Nativity of Our Lord Parish at 37th and Union in the 11th Ward, Bridgeport. The Mayor lived a block and half away. We would visit my uncle often. We had family parties in the basement of the church. My brother and I and my cousin Mike explored the church and the rectory. I have many fond memories of that place.

In December 1976 while my Uncle Father Jack was still at Navity, Mayor Daley passed away and was buried from there. My uncle left Nativity a little while later and he passed away in 1983.

So this evening, after today’s funeral, I stopped over at Nativity and took some photos. And paid my respects.

May God rest Comm. Bauer’s soul and the souls of all the faithful departed. Including Mayor Daley and my Uncle, Rev. John J. Lydon.