Robert Murphy Campaign Kickoff

I have been taking some photos for Robert Murphy in recent months. He asked if I could take some more photos at his campaign kickoff event at his house. He lives in that lovely little neighborhood tucked in the Forest Glen neighborhood just behind Foster and Cicero. 

It was something of a challenging shoot, bright sunlight and shadows. I knew I would need to use a flash to fill in the shadows. I haven't really done that before. I watched some YouTube videos on how to do it. I practiced a little and knew how to work the flash. What I didn't know is how strong to make the flash. I set it on 1/16. I could have used it stronger. But for the most part it worked well. It's going to take more practice. 

The photos are nothing special, technically competent and meeting the assignment but nothing inspired. Except for the photo of the sign. I like that one. That one can be used in campaign materials and social media. It's one of my best political photos.