Palm Sunday Visit to Montrose Harbor and Loyola Campus

Fresh of the Loyola Ramblers' unlikely NCAA tournament victory over Kansas State, I got up early on the Palm Sunday morning (March 25, 2018) to drive some things down to my son Dan as he was going back to school after his Spring Break trip. 

On my way home, I detoured to the breakwater off Montrose Harbor and the Loyola campus and strolled around about 0700 taking some photos.

The early morning light at Montrose Harbor made everything look especially gray. I loved the chop on the grey water.  Some fishermen and geese happened into the shots which is always good.

I lot changed on the Loyola campus since I was there 33 years ago. I have been back many times since by never for the express purpose of taking photos. 

No one was out yet. Just me and the police.