First Baseball Game of the Year; DePaul Prep v. Bishop Mac

Photographing high school baseball at night is a challenge. I went into this game looking to experiment more than usual. I wanted to shoot very high shutter speed and compensate with high ISO. The pictures turned out okay but I could have pushed the ISO even more for better exposure. The full frame cameras produce good quality images at very high ISOs. I was concentrating more on exposure than I was on capturing the action but I got a few good action shots. I retaught myself a couple more lessons about shooting baseball: 1) first base side is necessary to get good batter's box photos; 2) One has to pay attention to the game and anticipate the next play, particularly stolen passes and plays at the plate.

But the number one lesson that we all know, but can do precious little about--a 300mm f.2.8 lens is absolutely necessary. Too bad I don't have one and won't for a while yet. 

Hope you like the photos.