Took a Week Off

I didn’t shoot any football games last weekend nor any tonight (Oct. 12, 2018) evening even though there were plenty of games. I know there are only nine games in the high school regular season but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Last week was all messed up because of the game cancellations and the weather related early starts. I planned to go to the Nazareth v. Marist game but it started early and I couldn’t get there in time.

I am not all that broken up about missed a week. I needed a little time off. My photos haven’t been anything special lately. I have just been going to through the motions trying to quickly publish some shots on Twitter and get a lot of impressions. That distraction might be necessary but it doesn’t make for getting great shots.

I didn’t shot any games tonight, well frankly, because I was too tired. I had a long stressful work week. I went out for sushi instead with Mary and had a wonderful time. We talked.

I am going to shoot the DePaul Prep game tomorrow with no tweeting—well maybe a little. But I am going to concentrate on good shots.

No photos in this post.