DePaul Prep Survives St. Joseph

The game started out fine. Rams played their game. Perry Cowen was hitting his shots and scoring most of the points for the Rams. St. Joes only scored 16 points at the half.

Gene Pinatore is not the winning coach ever for no reason. He put on a full court press and the Rams uncharacteristically obliged by repeatedly turning the ball over. The Chargers got easy layoffs off the turnovers. I have never seen the Rams, of any vintage, so unable to break a press. Even so it took St. Joe’s almost the entire second half to get make up the eight point deficit.

With about two minutes left, the Rams kind of came out of their funk. Perry Cowen drained a three to get the lead back. Another Ram turnover (so at this point I would like to write something about the officiating. I don’t normally complain about the refs but a team cannot be in such a successful full court press without committing way more fouls than were called in this game. Just saying.) and a layup for the Chargers. Back tied.

The Rams got the ball across the timeline. Timeout. Rams inbounded the ball with about nine seconds. Two chargers trap Rams junior guard Raheem Anthony from near the midcourt sideline he gets off a very long three point shot.

Nothing but net. Buzzer. Rams win.

Anybody who as ever been to the St. Joseph gym knows about the orange light. I have been there many times and taken a lot of photo there, even some video. Everything looks funky. It’s not the photos. It’s the lights in the gym.